Siren Creatives

ABOUT SIREN CREATIVES: Siren Creatives is a full service marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Our agency was created and cultivated by Kierra Khan.  Kierra is an extremely charismatic and brilliant creative director who wants to use her expertise to build your brand and skyrocket your sales.


SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Siren Creatives will develop your brands identity, increase your brand awareness and magnify your brand’s message. Our social media marketing experts are well versed in developing strategies that actually work. Look to us for content management, copy and customer relations. 

CONTENT PRODUCTION: High quality content maximises consumer engagement. Set your brand apart! Give your audience what they want by creating an emotional and dynamic relationship. At Siren Creatives we have access to amazing models, photographers and videographers. We can provide you with everything you need to beat out your competition. 

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Siren Creatives will connect your brand with influencers who will bring value to your brand by increasing visibility and connecting with your target market on a large scale. 



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