To hear "Stay Wild" by Kierra Khan listen here:

‪I am so excited to share my debut single with you! At the tender age of 18, I made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles, CA. As a Buffalo, New York native I had no idea I would soon stumble into the entertainment industry. I developed a burning desire for art and an undeniable need to create. I dabbled in modeling and acting, but found my fire as a recording artist.  My sound is like no other. Close your eyes and imagine a sultry jazzy tone doubled over an insane electronic beat. Definitely an artist you can't stick in a box. I will electrify your soul with my voice and captivate your mind with my lyrics.

I may be an up and coming singer but I wrote an amazing song with a very uplifting message.  My take on love is refreshing. The songs' profound lyrics encourage listeners to love without fear. I have ability to transform the concept of popular dance music by adding elements of Jazz and Edm. I think it’s genius. It is clear, I am, here to stay. My upcoming debut single "Stay Wild" is set to top the charts. I hope your ready because I refuse to hold anything back.

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