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What I Eat in a Day

Ever wonder how I maintain such an active lifestyle? In my opinion, it’s all about fueling your body with whole foods and simple meals that are easy for your body to break down. Each day is different but I try to follow my chronotype each day so that I can support my body with the energy it needs throughout the day.  6:30 water  7:30 coffee and egg muffin    8:30 chai tea  9:30 bone broth 10:30 spa water     12:00 breakfast sandwich  3:30 milkshake 6:30 pasta Want to know what foods I include on my Grocery List? Tap Here   

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My Secret to Feeling Confident in a Bikini Year Round

I’m going to let you in on a secret that helps me stay bikini ready year round. As a swimsuit model I’m expected to have my body perfectly tone at any moment because you never know when a client will call you in. My secret is not what I eat because frankly I eat pasta every night… I wouldn’t be sane without it. It’s not what I eat that matters, it’s when I eat.  Discovering my chronotype changed my life. I finally gave myself permission to stop eating pounds of kale a night and swapped it out for my favorite foods like pasta, pizza and hamburgers. In general, I try to eat clean whole foods but what’s the harm in...

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