The Show Must Go On

Location: BK Headshots Studio

Photographer: Zachary Smith 

HMUA: Lindsay Nunnelee 

I finally took my first professional commercial headshots! In the commercial world headshots are a pretty big deal. I obsessed over getting the perfect shot for months. Did I say months? I meant years. You could say my OCD was rampant. So many questions came up. What do I wear? How do I style my hair? What exactly does natural makeup mean? The most important question that lingered in my mind was how do I smile with authenticity while I am harboring so much pain. As someone who struggles with chronic pain my happiness often feels forced. But I dug deep and each day I keep digging because my life is worth living. Pain or no pain. It is all a matter of perspective. If you are like me and you feel like something is blocking you from your dreams I encourage you to be present and let each emotion in no matter how uncomfortable. There is not perfect moment, only the here and now. Take a dive into what ever you want most in life. Lean into your purpose. You can learn from each moment, don’t be so hard on yourself. 

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