I find that starting my day with movement leaves me feeling energized all day. When I’m not working out my insomnia kicks in and my anxiety goes through the roof.  Whenever I am feeling unmotivated to workout my first instinct is to buy new activewear to reignite my flame.  After traveling I have become a bit too lax with my workout routine but I’m excited to get back on track. I’ll start with light movement like walking and hiking and ease back into my beloved workout routine. I’m one of those rare people who love working out. Sometimes I lack motivation to get started but once I am in my routine I love it! Major mood booster 🤗 You didn’t come here to hear me ramble on let’s get back to fashion.

The first set I am sharing is my absolute favorite. The fit is incredible hugging my curves and extenuating my small waist… did I mention the color! You guess it, Royal Blue. I don’t think there is a color that could possible look better on me. I mean look at it, it’s stunning.

Cobalt Ribbed Seamless Sports Bra

Cobalt Ribbed Seamless Sports Legging

Continuing with the blue theme we have another jaw dropping set. It’s so strange for me to take a step away from my seemingly all black wardrobe but I’m really digging the vibrant colors. Different tones of blue are pretty universal but I find that it really makes my complexion pop perfectly complimenting my olive undertones. Totally forgot to comment on the fit, easily my fave. The leggings are high waisted which really brings out my hour glass shape and the sports bra leverages the perfect amount of cleavage. I personally love it when sports bra’s show off your shape rather than hiding it. 

Aqua Seamless Rib Badge Padded Sports Bra

Aqua Seamless Rib Badge Sport Leggings

Next up we have the same set in Navy. Navy is very reminiscent of my current wardrobe full of dark color, mostly black, embarrassing I know but I naturally gravitate towards darker colors. I find that it has more of chic vibe, not to mention they’re also super easy to mix and match. I should also mention I have a bad habit of finding a style I like and buying one in every color. 

Navy Basic Seamless Padded Sports Bra

Navy Basic Seamless High Waist Gym

Can you say Lilac Attack 😍 Anyone else love a good lavender? I’m so obsessed with the next look. Unfortunately I couldn’t purchase the full set because the bottoms were sold out but this top set comes with two pieces and it’s so cute. 

 PRETTYLITTLETHING Shape Lilac Lace Up Sports Top


PRETTYLITTLETHING Shape Lilac Zip Up Sports Bra

Let’s enter a judgement free zone. The next two sets may or may not be black and are likely identical to a few sets that are already in my closet. It’s fine I’m fine… but I can’t be stopped. What can I say I like what I like. 

PRETTYLITTLETHING Black Marl Padded Cross Back Seamless Sports Bra

 Black Basic Seamless Booty Shorts

And the all black saga continues… 

Black Basic Seamless Padded Sports Bra

PRETTYLITTLETHING Black Contour High Waisted Seamless Leggings 

Last but not least we have a rust colored set. I personally love the versatility this piece offers. The color is a bit more orange in person but this set looks great pair together or by mixing it with either black set. 

Rust Seamless Contrast Long Sleeve Sports Top

Rust Seamless Contrast Sport Leggings

I’m looking forward to seeing you wear PLT Sport! Make sure you tag me on Instagram @kierrakhan so I can see it. I would love to know which is your favorite? Mine is definitely the Royal Blue number. Comment yours below ;) 

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