FastAF Chill Summer

FastAF chill summer LA’s heat is brutal. I’m not much a of sweet girl but lately I find myself craving Ice Cream daily. I guess it is my attempt to stay cool. I’m so excited FastAF launched #chillsummer. Frozen Eats delivered to my door just in time for my summer cravings. I will link my fave summer treats below so you can enjoy with me ;) 

Download FastAF here

Use my discount code: KIERRA5739

FastAF chill summer


My Fave Summer Treats: 

Coolhaus: Dairy Free Pint- Best of Both Worlds Vanilla 

Behave: Seriously Good Sour Bears

Fast af chill summer

Drip: Chocolate Hazelnut 

FastAF chill summer

Coolhaus: Dairy-Free Single Serve Sammies- Tahitian Vanilla 

FastAF chill summer

Coconut Bliss: Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence Pint

FastAF Chill summer

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