I have a love hate relationship with fast fashion. I love that fast fashion has made clothing more accessible, affordable and allows us to keep up with trends easily. While there are many perks, fast fashion brands also come with a lot of negatives including everything from horrible labor conditions to it’s impact on our environment. As an influencer in the fashion niche I have really struggle with accepting, promoting and purchasing fast fashion items. One way I’ve made peace with the harm fast fashion causes is reselling or repurposing items. I am so thankful for platforms like Depop who allow me to resell my items with little effort. The culture as an influencer is to only wear an item once. I hate this concept but I understand my audience loves to see new items. I can’t wait for you to shop my closet!  I have an emotional attachment to my wardrobe so it’s hard for me to let go but I also know it is important to give back. What’s one clothing item you can’t live without? 

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